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Giving in Memory

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Leave a Gift in Your Will

By including a gift in your will, you have the power to greatly impact the individuals supported by Crossroads Care in your community, unpaid caregivers, their loved ones, and family members.

Your contribution will enable us to maintain exceptional personalised care for our clients within their own homes.

Gifts left in wills, regardless of size, are incredibly valuable to us and can significantly influence both our organization and the individuals we assist in East Sussex, Brighton & Hove.

In Memory Tribute Pages

Donating in memory of a loved one is a beautiful way to commemorate their life.

Creating a memory page serves as a heartfelt tribute to your loved one, honouring their life while also contributing to our cause. By supporting our work, you are helping children, young people, and adults in East Sussex, Brighton & Hove.

Donating online, instead of flowers, is a simple process. Share cherished memories and photos of your loved one on the page and invite friends and family to do the same. Additionally, you can use this tribute page to commemorate special anniversaries in the future, creating more memories as time goes by.

Partnering with Much Loved, we can assist you in creating a lasting and meaningful memorial for your loved one, impacting the lives of many. Your memories and generosity will directly benefit other families in East Sussex, Brighton & Hove.

Regular Giving

By contributing a monthly donation, you assist East Sussex, Brighton & Hove Crossroads Care in long-term planning.

Your donation, whether large or small, can make a significant impact. Additionally, you can make a one-time donation in honour of a special person in your life.

However you choose to support, you will be making a substantial difference to unpaid carers in East Sussex, Brighton & Hove.

Funeral Collections

Instead of flowers, receiving donations is a wonderful way to support East sussex, Brighton & Hove Crossroads Care. Your Funeral Director can collect cash donations and send them to us on your behalf.

If you receive cheques, kindly mail them to ESBH Crossroads Care at Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG.

For any inquiries, reach out to us at [email protected] or call 01273 234021.

To make donating easier, you can also use our JustGiving page and share the link for secure online donations.

Corporate Partnerships

We are looking to collaborate with various organisations in partnerships that motivate employees, foster positive work environments, and highlight the impact of these partnerships that enable us to sustain our presence.

Together, we can drive impactful changes to the lives of unpaid carers and their loved ones in our community.

Find out more:

01273 234021
Fill out our online form

Every partnership has its own distinct qualities.

Here are a few ways we could collaborate:

Corporate Donations
  • Whether it's a single donation or backing a complete project, a contribution from your company can make a life-changing difference. The valuable work we do relies on the generosity of our corporate supporters.
Nominate us as your Charity of the Year
  • Select or nominate East Sussex, Brighton & Hove Crossroads as your Charity of the Year to collaborate with our committed team. Together, we will craft a partnership that creates a lasting influence, generates publicity, and motivates your colleagues through various fundraising, volunteering activities.
Staff Volunteering
  • We understand that contributing positively is beneficial for well-being. Volunteering presents a highly fulfilling opportunity for your team to unite and participate in our life-changing efforts.
Payroll Giving
  • Contributing to East Sussex, Brighton &Hove Crossroads Care directly from employees' salaries is a convenient and efficient method to provide ongoing support. A fantastic motivator to encourage your staff to participate is to match their donations.